“Thank you for taking a break from the ordinary.”

After a great stay in Avalon with my hosts,

I woke up early for the first ferry of the day:

Note the lack of tire pressure on the front wheel, which I did not notice until I actually hopped on the bike. The valve looked funny so I swapped the tube, went back to sleep, and set off for the second ferry of the day:

This time, I managed to make it the whole way to the ferry. The amusements and boardwalk shops were closed, unlike the drawbridge.
The bridge operator waved me ahead before the gates opened so I had a nice headstart back onto the mainland.

I then took my place among the other vehicles on the ferry and (figuratively, as they’re bolted down) pulled up a chair.

Soon, though, we arrived in Delaware and, after all the cars exited the ferry, I took advantage of a tailwind and made it through Delaware without taking a photo until the Maryland border made me realize I should probably have at least the one, so here’s the Fenwick Island lighthouse:
I made my way to Ocean City and then took a nice winding road inland before making my way to camp just before the sun began to set. I continue down the Delmarva peninsula tomorrow (always an exciting sentence to conclude with).

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