Bridge and Tunnel

After packing up my campsite in Maryland, I continued down the Delmarva into Virginia, land of competing slogans, some more subtle than others (zoom in if you can, sorry for the sun):Much of the route looked pretty much like this,but there were also some opportunities to detour onto back roadsand there was a bike path running alongside the main roads for the last few miles before the toll booth at the end of the island.

From there I rested the bike on a pile of traffic cones in a bridge authority truck bed, paid the toll for the truck, and got a ride across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel (which features bridges that descend into tunnels to allow freighters to go by) as the tail car in an oversized load convoy.Once in Virginia Beach, I headed to my hosts for the night, including one of my hometown neighbors who made his way here. They too gave excellent hospitality.Tomorrow I make my way to the Outer Banks, joining up with the Adventure Cycling maps (and larger states!).


    • Sam

      Thanks for reading, Jon! Decided against a realtime map but joined up with the Adventure Cycling maps at Currituck, NC today and will be following those going forward!


  1. Julie Lane

    Sam it was very nice to meet you tonight on the Outer Banks! Such a beautiful night! What an amazing journey for you! Peace be with you on your adventures to Cali!
    Julie and Amber

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