Through the endless blue meanders

I caught the earliest ferry from Ocracoke to Cedar Island while the sun rose, knowing that the wind was favorable that day and that I needed to be in Wilmington two days later. The mosquitos were out in force on Ocracoke, where the campground gave a substantial discount due to lingering hurricane damage, but it is one of many places I would like to return to and explore more.(For my first few NC ferries I interpreted the “No sitting on rails” signs to mean “Don’t lean your bike on them, either,” but I learned I was mistaken. Easier to dry things on the bike this way, too.)

It proved to be my first ride of over one hundred miles on this trip. Rain came and went: not severely enough for me to need to don my rain cape but refreshing enough to temporarily cool things down.

This allowed for a relatively short ride into Wilmington today, largely on a busy main road and with the wind slightly against me. I persevered with help from something I did not expect to find in NC (nor was I looking for it, least of all the elusive Cel-Ray that is tough to find in even the most well-stocked New York City bodegas):My glamourous lunch in the shade of a liquor store building across from an Italian deli and food store complete, I made the final push to Wilmington. The shorter ride allowed more time to visit with another hometown friend and his family, who have been fantastic hosts and also have very welcoming neighbors. We even managed to get a photo of the entire household aside from the cat.

Tomorrow, another quick ferry ride awaits, as does my first visit to South Carolina.

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