Heading inland

To make it through Wilmington, I enlisted one of my hosts to act as a local guide for cycling through the town.

She quickly got frustrated with my slow pace, though, and hurriedly gave directions before speeding off for a double espresso.
Left to fend for myself, I headed down a brick-paved street to the river.

There was one more North Carolina ferry to catch, so I made my way past the highly accurate deer crossing sign and the beaches before going across Cape Fear.

After cycling across Long Island one time and discovering that many towns there have West, Central, and East counterparts, I was surprised and delighted to find there was no Central Carolina in between the North and the South.

South Carolina’s roads were far less welcoming to a cyclist at first, but as I pressed on past Conway (where I stayed my first night) things got somewhat quieter and I spent my second night at a state park where yellow pedals matching my tent fell to the ground overnight.

After a couple long rides, I took it easier today and made it to a campground in Point South, passing a Tuskegee Airmen memorial at the Walterboro airfield and having lunch at a local restaurant a few miles before the site. The owner was originally from NJ and so was very interested in the trip, so I was glad to have stopped by (especially as a change of pace from my usual gas station meals during the day).Tomorrow, I take the bold step of heading west of I-95 for the first time this trip and then continue into Georgia.


  1. Pat Broom

    Hi Sam,

    I’m so enjoying follliwing your blog. I had to go to Virginia Beach today and intentionally followed your bike route in part. I have never seen so many sand trucks!

    Pedal on!



    • Sam

      Thanks Pat! The route does keep you off the sand trucks’ road as much as possible, which is always nice. On this trip it was first chicken trucks, then sand trucks, and now logging trucks…we’ll see what’s next!


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