“The Switzerland of America”: Trenton, NJ to Weatherly, PA

Day and a half of riding the Delaware & Lehigh trail. Headed into Pennsylvania on the Trenton Makes, the World Takes bridge. Low canal crossings (signs said to dismount bikes; I ducked), lots of rain, and a friendly café dog with tennis ball at the ready in New Hope on day 1. Water supplies in parks had been shut off, and many connections from the trail to towns involved multistory staircases, so I went without water longer than I’d have liked.

Stayed indoors overnight in a room overlooking the Lehigh River. Flurries and a detour the morning of day 2, followed by a bridge to nowhere. One park had a working water pump. Stopped for a hot drink at a Harry Potter-themed coffeehouse in Jim Thorpe.  Left the trail thereafter and crawled up 2 miles of 9% grade before reaching camp in Weatherly.

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